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"I rode the manatee at the Knightmare Dungeon"

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Oct. 10th, 2010 | 01:40 pm
posted by: deviant_gent in knightmare_lj

Knightmare: When Five Tribes go to War is now complete and available to download.

The fourth era of the Dungeon Of Deceit is imminent, and it is a time of  change; the Dungeon is growing fast and far beyond its old boundaries, while some of the mightiest of its occupants, both light and dark, are coming into conflict. When old alliances are broken by treachery and greed, fresh alliances are formed as new protagonists emerge, until five distinct factions – four of them forces for evil and only one of them a force for good – take shape. Of these, it is the faction controlled by the sorceress Malice that takes the initiative.

While the Dungeon Master, Treguard of Dunshelm, tries to remain impartial and above the conflicts raging in the Greater Game, the war leads to chaos, death, and a new dominant evil that he simply must range his forces against.

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